Dec. 30th Conference Call Summary

Our first conference call of the 2009 monster truck season started out with our newly appointed Promoter Director, Ed Beckley. Ed sent a message to many promoters, literally all over the world, to share ideas and concerns that he would in turn bring to the Board. He got three emails and a few phone calls mostly from promoters that just wanted to be kept in the loop. Ed will be communicating to them throughout the year and we welcome their input.

Ed brought up some questions about the new MTRA message board and we discussed possibilities of the board of directors using a private area so we don’t have to send so many emails back and forth. The MTRA message board is set up right now so that only MTRA members can view and participate in the threads.

Next on the agenda was a discussion with our new Technical Director Dan Patrick where we went through and prioritized a list of items the were brought up at the general meeting. The current helmet rating is SA 2000 and will remain that way through this 2009. With the new SA 2010 helmet coming out this year owner driver will see that requirement go to SA 2005 in 2010.

Some people asked to have rule 5 clarified so Tim Hall has reached out to SFI to get a list of “approved” motor sport neck collars, Hans or similar devices.

Sublimated fire suits have been researched and so far it doesn’t look like the sublimation changes the SFI rating. If you buy a SFI15 fire suit and have it sublimated the SFI tag may get covered making it difficult for tech inspectors to know what the rating is so keep your manufacturers receipt for the tech inspection. Secretary Brenda Noelke and MTRA is going to ask Awesome Raceware and others to keep the MTRA informed when they sublimate a monster truck drivers suit so we can document the SFI15 rating before it gets covered.

Greg Adams will supervise Kyle Doyle as he rewrites the 2009 rule book (this should be done in a couple weeks). Specifically the toe strap rule 61 so builders are clear to make the toe strap with enough substance to make if affective.

Dan Patrick is creating a panel of monster truck chassis builders to review the minimum standard for creating the foundation of a monster truck. This means Figure #2 (roll cage), Figure #4 (suggested roll cage mounting points) and figure #5 (top view of roll cage) will all be discussed. Dan will gather input from member and non member truck builders and report back with his findings in 30 days at the next conference call. If you’ve built a monster truck give Dan a call with your thoughts.

Wheel tether will be a constant discussion throughout 2009. It looks like there will be two different systems in use by MTRA member trucks and we will keep everyone posted on the results. It was reported the USHRA will probably require wheel tethers in 2010 and they are strongly recommending the use of them this year. It sounds to me like if you own a monster truck you better be thinking about installing them soon.

In an effort to “educate” the industry about the MTRA I asked for opinions on whether sending a simple direct mail marketing piece to all speedways and racetracks in 2009. The “tone” of the letter would be to inform the facilities of the MTRA and it member trucks and promoters hoping to generate some interest and leads for events. I will get the specific cost of and post on our website and in the discussion board. All member trucks and promoters at the time the marketing piece is produced would be included.

Brenda reported on the banquet which cost just under $12,000 with the comp rooms, DJ, audio visual stuff, etc. The banquet fund covered all expenses PLUS $1400 of the $1710 worth of RC trucks to raffle off for next year’s banquet fund so great job Brenda. We also raised $2256 in raffle money that will be put in the general fund for operating.

I also emailed the board new MTRA logos that receive mixed results. Marty Garza used one of his employees to generate several proposed logos at no cost to the MTRA. I will post the ideas to get opinions and ideas for similar proposed logo designs.

There was a rushed discussion at the end of the conference call about the Promoter incentive to book 80% or more of MTRA certified trucks and how we could create a system that was equally beneficial to both smaller and larger promoters. The current system makes it MUCH easier for a smaller promoter to achieve the 80% that does a larger promoter. A new incentive system is being worked on to not only benefit the promoters but encourage membership.

Tech inspectors have been shipped inspection forms and certification stickers and should be receiving those supplies this week. There will no longer be Tech Inspector patches made.

That’s it for the first conference call, if you have any questions, comments or concerns as members you can now visit www.forum.mtra.us or link straight from this website to add your thoughts. It will take a bit for us Board members to make habit of looking at the discussion board so bear with us at first. I am still looking to add to my data base of monster truck owners so whether you’re a member of the MTRA or not I want to get your contact information so please call or email me. All MTRA Board of Director contact information is made part of this website.

George Eisenhart
MTRA President