The BAD BOY BIGFOOT #3 is finished and it is the baddest one yet!

Brad Shaw designed the new scheme for the BAD BOY and it is incredible! Old school -Von Dutch-type flames and flat black paint make this year’s BAD BOY stand out even more than ever!

The BAD BOY truck is usually driven by Larry Swim. Larry began driving with BIGFOOT about 3 years ago with CFP and BIGFOOT. Larry was injured this summer at an outdoor event. Basically Larry’s back was broken and he jammed his spine down into the old style seat that was in the truck so hard that his spinal column was damaged – Thank God he was not paralyzed. Larry had just won his 2nd Winter Nationals Championship and his future was somewhat gloomy with a ride to the hospital and a doctor telling him he was lucky. Luck did not have anything to do with it – this guy is one tough hombre.

To give him time to heal BIGFOOT has hired one of the top names in Monster Trucks and that is former Bigfoot teammate Eric Tack. Eric has won many races and is a freestyle maniac, no tailgate is safe! We welcome Eric to the schedule even if it is on a limited basis; we know the BAD BOY will continue to be the truck to be reckoned with.

Larry will be back in the saddle (with a new style seat) by February and will have enough events to get plenty of points to run for the MONSTER TRUCK GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in Pocatello on Saturday April 16th.

But for now it’s:

Tack on the ATTACK!



For more information visit the Checkered Flag Productions website: Bad Boys of Racing