MTRA Rule Changes for 2018

The following is a list of rule changes for the 2018 season:

28. A Kill Switch must be mounted within 12” of the rear of the vehicle. Switch must be mounted between the frame rails at a maximum height of 6’. Switch must be Pull or Twist to turn off. Pull type must utilize a 2” diameter 1/8” thick ring. Twist type must be clearly labeled with On and Off directions. Pull ring/Twist handle must be painted high visibility red or orange. Switch must shut off all power except electrically operated brake system and/or RII unit as with in-cab Kill Switch Rule #39.

35. Shock Absorbers

e.) Cap Restrictors are required on all shock accumulators/reservoirs. These must be of steel construction with saddle portion of minimum 1/8” thickness and gussets of minimum 1/4” thickness. Cap Restrictors must be securely mounted via bolts or T-bolt clamps. Nylon tie wraps and spiral hose clamps not allowed.

36. Onboard Fuel (including primer)

f.) Bottom of Fuel Cell must be shielded with 1/8” steel or 1/4” aluminum or Lexan. (Fuel Cells mounted within steel cans may be combined with 1/8” aluminum or Lexan)

39. All vehicles must be equipped with a Fixed Disk type mechanical Wheel Restraint System on each wheel. Cable Type wheel restraints no longer allowed. Minimum specifications for these systems are as follows:

– 3/8” Rotor Plate bolted (3/8” Grade 8 minimum – all bolt holes on hub must be used) or welded (360 degrees) to hub.
– Minimum two Capture Points 180 degrees on center with minimum 55 degrees of coverage around perimeter.
– Capture Points and mounts must be constructed of minimum 1/4” thick steel.
– Upper and Lower Capture Points must be tied together to inhibit spreading.
– Capture Points must be within 1/2” of Rotor Plate.

41. All vehicles must have a minimum size 2 ½ lbs. dry agent type Fire Extinguisher with functional gauge and current inspection certificate attached. The extinguisher must be securely mounted with quick release bracket within the driver’s reach. Safety release pin must be easily removable and not secured with non-perforated nylon tie strap.

82. Driveshafts

c.) Slip Yoke Restrictors must be installed on all Spline Tube Shafts. These must be comprised of a continuous 360-degree reinforced oil-resistant hose and of a length covering 1” less than the distance between the slip yoke collar and driveshaft tube.

96. Brake Rotors

a.) Brake Rotors of billet steel construction only. (Cast Rotors not allowed)

b.) Brake Rotor Guards required on non-driveline side pinion mounted rotors. Guards must be secured by minimum 3 tabs spaced 120 degrees on center.

c.) Brake Rotor Guards not required on rotors mounted on the driveline side of the pinion.

d.) Brake Rotors must utilize minimum Grade-8 Bolts with Prevailing Torque type Lock Nuts. (Nylon Insert type Lock Nuts not allowed)